Working out why my MMORPG always fail

In my Time I have ran “Legend of Mir 3”, “Lineage 2” and “World of Warcraft” and each of them has been online / offline many times with varied player bases but what is common is that every single time – the server eventually died a death and went offline.

I can explain this easy enough with the likes of MIR3, this was more of me going through the files making sure it worked and was in English then wanting to run a live server. When I did run a Live server, too much of my time / bandwidth was taken up by people playing and finding bugs. Lineage 2 came and went many times – this one was different as the whole process is open source, so no translating required on my behalf. I used to update every single day and when I found nobody logged on for weeks on end (me been the only one to have played in over a month for example) annoyed me as I kept a computer running, spent time updating it and made sure I posted what had been fixed – so a complete waste of my time.

World of Warcraft though was not as bumpy as the rest – It was online and stayed there even when nobody was playing and only had one complete wipe in that time due to bugs coming across from old characters. I can predict what is going to happen as of now in fact though:

1. Lineage 2 will fall by the wayside as 50x Exp and played too many times means its only a matter of time before I get bored of updating it.
2. WoW has a much longer life span – I have done it all before though but the low exp will keep me playing for a while yet.

I can foresee that I will end of been the only one who will play and this is why it always ends off with the servers dying.

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