Stereo Mix on Windows 7 plus Microphone

Ever wanted to have a broadcast which included the song playing on iTunes, maybe the person on Skype at the same time as you speaking via a Microphone and you are running Windows 7 (Vista also the same). Not wanting to buy a mixer “just yet” – I had to find the answer and am willing to share with the world…

Enable Stereo Mix

The first thing you need to do is right click the speakers icon on the task bar and select “Recording Devices” and this brings up the box above. You will not see Stereo Mix, you have to right click in the white space and “Show Disabled Devices”. Once you do that you will now see “Stereo Mix” – this you need to Enable.

Configure the Level

If you right click Stereo Mix and select Properties, the above window will show up, Levels will enable to you set the volume of the output. I found on mine, 100 produced a very distorted sound while 25 was about the right level, you need to record something (such as a song playing) and compare the playback to get the volume just right.

Adding in a Microphone

For some strange reason, if you select Stereo Mix as the default device, Microphone on recording no longer works not matter what you do (For this I am assuming a 3.5” Jack Microphone plugged into the “Pink” Port on your soundcard. To get both Stereo Mix and a Microphone to work, you have to revert to plan B.

       On the Playback Tab, right click your Speakers and select Properties – the screen above comes up. Go to Levels and you will now see the Microphone (Back input) and Front Mic show up as muted and zero volume. What you need to do is un-mute (press the speakers button with the line through it) and crank up the volume. There is one downside to this – all Audio go through the speakers and you will hear yourself speak.

  • Ron Knights

    Thanks for another great tip.

  • Ron Knights

    Thanks for another great tip.

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