Mangos (WoW Server Emulator) hits 3.3.0A (11159)

If your a World of Warcraft player, you would already know that WoW has been updated to 3.3.0A and are relishing in the goodness that the update brought to you but if you mess about on your own (or others) server running Mangos – you would have been stuck behind the main stream.

Mangos – the WoW Server Emulator

Mangos is a project written in C++ to emulate the servers and by and large does a good job, not everything does what it is supposed to do of course and it is updated many times throughout the day due to been open source but it does give people a chance to try WoW without paying into many months of subscriptions.

What Does 3.3.0A Bring?

The first ting I noticed was on-screen words telling me when I entered combat, which spells (including passive) were active and threat, all without a single plug-in been used. I can now of course update my add-ons to match the right version, before they caused problems.

More updates?

Of course with any major update on the server / client front – this means a lot of updates to get things working due to the update breaking many things (as they always do). I do not run a Public Server so it is only me that gets effected but it is nice to see we are moving forward again.


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