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HTC Hero Update – WHEN???

HTC Hero Update – WHEN???

I have been waiting for this so called update to Android 2.1 for what seems like ever now, each time they set a date and then come up with some excuse such as having to bolt Sense UI on there, add in the Carrier special parts and so forth. Today I choose to get on the phone and find out when this was really coming out, after all I am a paying customer right?


I called there technical support and the first problem was they had no idea what I was talking about, I need to stress here that if a company provide so called Technical support – they need to train there staff on what equipment they sell along with any info (such as updates) that are coming forth. Once we had broken down the conversation to the basic’s such as the HTC Hero was a Android phone and it was running Version 1.5 plus Google have released Version 2.1 some time back etc – we had a starting block.

The Tech Guy basically searched on the web (I had already done that) and asked the people around him and finally he came up with the statement that HTC need to release this first and I should be calling them, he even sent a SMS to my phone with there number. I was in fact no further forward in finding out when this thing will be updated.


Press 1 for Tech Support, Press 2 to get through to a guy who has no idea what we do – option 2 it was :)

After explaining what phone I owned and him struggling to find it on his list of models he supports, he then told me it was not in fact called the Hero but the G2 touch! He had no idea of this so called update and it may or may not come out at the end of March – he told me to call T-Mobile, they might have an idea as we sir do not !!

He then went on to explain that if for example T-Mobile do not request an update, they will not make one – so I need to be blaming the operator and not the people who actually made the phone right? I suggested that maybe I should have bought an iPhone and he shocked by saying “yes, Maybe that might have been a better idea” – amazing or what !! I never got his name and nor did I record the conversation but boy, I wish I did now.


I should not have to fight to find out when a major update then I can actually download and put on illegally will be coming from either my carrier (T-Mobile) or HTC. How can they have phones already for sale running Sense UI and T-Mobile branding yet have no update for me?

As someone mentioned, Android is fragmented rather like Linux and the reason why no matter how good it might get, it start to get bad quickly when you hear of stories like this.  I am locked into a 18 month contract, 4 months have passed, so some time before I can swap.

Will I be buying more HTC Stuff or Android? If it was at this stage then I would have said no way ever again due to lack of support and knowledge from the people that make it. Maybe I should have just paid the money and bought Apple.


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