PowerDown Energy Saving Plug

I got my hands on a couple of these plugs and as you can tell from the photo, these are UK plugs of course. This nifty device basically has 3 sockets with the top one been for the computer while the one on either side is for your equipment. The goal here is when your computer is on – then all the devices plugged into the sides are powered on (such as Monitor, Printer, Speakers etc). When you close down for the night – it senses that the computer is off (as it is not drawing power) and powers down the equipment on its own.

Now you may say “but it only has two sockets – I need more then that” – in this instance then you plug all the items you need to go off automatically into a extension cable and plug this extension cable into the socket on the left or right. Depending on your layout – this could include all items such as Router, Cable Modem box, Printer, screen, speakers and so forth.


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