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Virgin Media increase upload speed plus more throttling

UK Broadband supplier Virgin Media are set to increase the upload speed of all its tiers starting now and rolling out area by area. There is no extra cost for this service and on there fastest service (XXL) they are going form 1.5Mbps to 5Mbps, the lower speed tariff 20Mbps (XL) will have their upload changed from 768K to 2Mbps. With the good also comes the bad – not only are they restricting your traffic as before but also slowing down Newsgroup and Torrent Traffic.

The new Speeds

More worrying is the previous untouched 50Mbit (XXL) which was not throttled in any way will now be shaped based on the uploads. This means once you have uploaded 6Gigs (Between 3pm and 8pm) – your connection will go down to 1.75Mbps – still faster then you had before, so not all bad and anyone uploading 6 GIGS over that time is shifting some serious data anyhow (read torrents).

My Thoughts?

I Paid the extra install and activation fee plus the extra monthly fee on 50Mbps just so I could stop worrying about been throttled and now we see they are going to bring it in anyhow. I am guessing the 100Mps service (and 200Mbps later) will be the “UnCapped” Connection of choice. I will be loving the extra upload speeds, 5Mbps is more then most ADSL people get for Download let alone upload.

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