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HotMail Compromised

It has been some years since I have even bothered to look at Hotmail or in fact MSN Live Messenger as it is now called. As I removed most of the Social networks now which includes Twitter and Skype – I thought I would install MSN once again and see if anybody was about for a chat and such. It had been such a long time that I had forgot my password – I went through and reset this to something I would know though still hard to guess. Once I booted up Messenger, it informed me I was already logged in somewhere else and it would log me off that location (very odd). As I had so many email I had not read in years, I set up Outlook to also grab the mails.

Next day….

I logged in once again and fired up Outlook – I saw that a LOT of messages were “Undeliverable” – one to each of my contacts in fact with some link, some badly written English and 100% not from me. I know people can easy spoof emails who they are from – so I checked my sent items and sure enough there was all of the emails I had sent out. I am sure my contacts wonder why I am sending them some email with me swearing as the topic and me sending them a link – I hope none of them clicked the said link.

It makes you wonder though..

I had changed the password yet somehow they managed to do this very thing and the password was pretty intense with Capitals, lowercase and numbers and not even a real word. They sent them today, this means they managed to do this in the last 24 hours but unlike Google Mail which shows you who logged in and from where – I have no idea how to check this.

Removal of all things Microsoft

As I expected, nobody was actually on-line on my MSN List, they have either blocked me (as I thought I had left or blocked them maybe) or they were just not using MSN also. I never use my Hotmail for anything at all and 90% of the messages were in fact Spam, do MS not have a Spam filter like Google then? I de-installed the Live package (which included MSN and such) and closed down my account – or at least tried to. I have to wait 72 hours without logging in to see if it finally is all gone, I personally hope so.

Yet less on-line interaction then?

You might be forgiven to thinking I am trying to disappear from the net – I have since lost all 3 Twitter Account, removed my Skype, deleted all other Social Networking logins / sites and now we remove MSN. I do not even have Chat enabled on FaceBook and if you try and search for me – good luck in actually finding me, I have set the privacy so low that it just won’t come up.

Maybe I am happier that I can choose who to contact and how I want to contact them without every single person known the slights movement I make right? Maybe the people who seem to Live and thrive on these social networking sites have limited outside contact with real humans? Anyhow – lets hope MSN goes away soon.


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