Wirecast V4 loses Serial

Although I am not streaming a great deal, I do tinker from time to time with Wirecast, in case your not sure what Wirecast is or does – then head to there website for the full low-down. The last time this software broke was in Version 3 when Apple updated Quicktime and it just so happens that Quicktime recently had an update. I Started Wirecast today and was met with the Watermark, this only happens in the Demo Version by chance. I checked my Preferences and sure enough, there is no Serial listed:

Re-adding the serial

I dug out my email with the serial listed, tried to add it and this came up:

Not a problem I told myself and I removed all traces of Wirecast from the machine, I even went into the registry and removed all traces of my serial number (found it in two places), got rid of any wirecast stuff in ‘Program Files’ and local profile. I tried it again but the above screen just came back up – this meant the key was hidden someone else but I am not sure were.

Anyone else have this problem or just me? I have logged a support call and made a forum post – lets hope they get back to me soon with a fix.

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    Tom if you have the beta on your machine, it brings in your wirecast serial and activates that. To fix, disable the beta key and re-enter your original key and you’ll be golden!

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    I logged a support call and Telestream Support emailed me back with the fix. It seems what you have to do is remove Wirecast V4, install V3.58 – Activate your key and then upgrade to V4. Now as you say Steve, if you install the Beta, this causes the key to go astray but I had never installed on my main machine any Beta – so I am not sure why it broke though it is working now.

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