Firefox 4 Beta 12 with Adblock and Ghostery

I need to state here that websites need adverts, they use this as a mean to get money which in turn helps pay for the time and effort they put into producing the goods. Static adverts I can live with and even sometimes they show me something I might want to buy and all is good but when a site (mostly the video streaming sites) start to push adverts down your throat and they are loud and annoying and repeat over and over on each new page you go to – this is when you as a person need to take a stand.

While I Love the way Google Chrome works, there is just too many things that make me want to jump ship back to Firefox such as Adverts, flash slowing down the browser, my NAS box not working properly via Chrome and so forth. I have given the latest Firefox 4 Beta 12 a run and added a couple of extension and I will document how  it is working out for me so far.

Firefox 4 Beta 12

Firefox got slow and clunky and I honeslty started to hate this as much as using internet explorer to be honest but it did have some good points such as extensions. Version4 Beta 12 adds a few much needed features such as search from the address bar, menu now a drop down and much faster.

Adblock and Ghostery

The one extension that is almost a must is Adblock this manages to strip out most if not all the adverts present on the web including the ones that are present in videos and streaming type pages (as above). The other addon which is worth mentioning is Ghostery and this also blocks out items that are hidden.

As you can see from Justin.TV – it sensed and blocked Comescore Beacon, Google Adsense & Analytics, media6 and Quantcast. These not only track you but also can slow you down – combined with adblock and I would be surprised if any adverts come up every again.

If we are to compare Google Chrome using also Adblock (by the same person) – while there is not as many adverts littered about the place, I still get an annoying 30 second advert for Bulletstorm – this is both loud and annoying and if I refresh the stream, I get it again and again.



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