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Twitter Versus Facebook

On the 20th Feb 2011 I finally created a new Twitter account and started to use it, before hand I started to use Facebook a lot more than I had before by adding a lot of people from work as well as friends and family. I thought I would pass on my thoughts on both medium and how they are working out, I would also like to get other people views on why they prefer one over another. Twitter is a limited medium in my own mind as it needs extra services such as Twitpic to share pictures and URL shortener to fit links into posts. With Twitter you only get half of the story which means unless I am following everybody on a certain list of people, I miss the tweets if I do not go to twitter account on-line and read the full flow of posts. How does this match up with facebook?


If you ignore all the game requests and such, most of what you need to do on Facebook is right there on a webpage, this means I can look at it from work, from home, on my iPad and even my Phone. I can share a story or a picture with either everybody on my list of just a select few as I have grouped everybody on how I know them (Work, Friends, Family). This means I can target a message so that it makes sense to the end people, If I am writing something about work that only work would understand the meaning of – I push out a message to only the group at work and so forth with Family etc.

I get to see the full conversation even If I am not following that person unless that person has gone into the settings and made sure this does not happen, this allows for a more natural flow of conversation. When I do reply to a post, it is stored underneath that post, not on a random time line. I can delete what I have written and the final aspect is I know in real life almost every single one on my profile (I think there is two who I have not met in real life – Yet).

I see Facebook as a place to share information quickly across all of my family and friends, share photo’s of events and catch up on what everybody is doing. I have used facebook to get phone numbers (those that have supplied them anyway) and even a way to chat with people, quicker than email and shorter than phoning them.


The issue I always had with twitter is its impersonal, I do not really know the people on my list other than speaking to them on-line at some point (some of them) and the other half are faceless companies. If you have a small following (such as I have) then sending out a message is like shouting in an empty room, yes you got the message out but did anyone hear you?

You can sit and read any persons Twitter feed unless they lock it down, yes you only get half of the conversation but you can almost track them 24 hours a day on what they are doing, as some like to Tweet out every bit of there day.

Some thoughts

Somebody on my Facebook asked me “Are you using this as your personal diary” and they were responding to the fact that I was updating every single day of my gym session along with how I felt later. I removed that person because what they posted was not the same thing? I have cut back on using facebook to document every second of my life but I like to post something now and then otherwise if everyone did that, the time line would be dead really.

Finally – The sites (including Facebook) that allow you to check in to places? I fail to see how this is a good thing. If a person on Facebook told me that they were at a pub in town, that great, no need to GPS co-ordinates and if a person who is on the other side of the world tells me they are at some amazing place – why would I even care? I am not about to join them.


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