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HP 6715B Laptop Slow Boot

I have an HP 6715B Laptop which is powered by the AMD Turion 64 X2, features the ATI’s Radeon Xpress X1250 and one of the great features of this 15.4 inch laptop is the fact the display runs at 1680 x 1050 which is equivalent to a 20″ display right. Now the Laptop is getting on a bit these days and HP laptops in my own experience tend to suffer badly with mainly the graphics failing. My Problem is that upon switching on the Laptop, the BIOS Screen with sit there for a good while, maybe 5 minutes or more? Once it got past that it booted and worked fine.

Dealing with the issue

The first thing I did was reset the internal battery and even went into the BIOS and did various checks, none of this sorted the problem. The other thing I noticed was how noisy the laptop was, seems the fan was running high all the time. It was a shame the laptop was doing this as I had planned to sell this on at work if possible but there was no way I could give them a laptop that took forever to get out of the BIOS screen.

Cleaning inside

I got some compressed air also called Air duster and got to work on the laptop. Unscrewing three screws on the bottom marked keyboard symbol, flipping it over and pressing the latches on top of the keyboard (4 of them) to allow the keyboard to be removed. I used the Air Duster to Blast out any crap and gave it general clean.

Will it now work?

The first boot was the same but later that same day and it went through the BIOS quick (as it should do) and the other bonus was now the laptop was very quiet indeed. When I was testing it for streaming and the CPU was like 95%, then I noticed it was loud again. I will carry on to make sure it is fixed before I dare sell it to someone.

Bonus Clean 

I used theAir Duster on my Dell XPS 435MT, I could here it pulsating as if the fan was struggling to keep a constant pace. Once I had blown out every scrap of dirt in there, the Dell was now silent, I recommend a can of this stuff even though it does not last that long, already half of the can is used up on just two cleans. 



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