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HP Premium Digital Headset (XA490AA)

I noticed my previous Logitech Headset which I used for all voice comms (Skype and such) was still working, the foam had started to rip, this meant it was time for a new headset. I went to my local Tesco store and by chance noticed they had some HP Premium Digital headset for £25. I checked out the box and noticed it was USB, this was good as I prefer USB to jacks for headphones. I questioned myself would it be any good, will the noise stay in these one’s or escape like the last set I Bought. Would the microphone be good or some cheap low quality thing these things often have. I took a chance on the grounds if it was bad, I would take it back.

The Headphones overview

The unit is made of plastic and the microphone sits on one side but the good thing abut this is it moves both ways, this means you can have these so that the microphone is either on the left or the right of your head.  The microphone is bendy and not fixed (like the Logitech one) so you can position it were you want. The headband is comfortable and fits snugly on your head, the ear-pad pivot on a middle point allowing movement to fit tight to your ears.  It comes with a in-line volume control and Mute switch, which happens to light up blue when in use.

Used for long sessions of Google plus / Skype

The ultimate test of a headset is when you may be on a session for a long time, this is when it can start to hurt your ears, make your head sweaty and other annoying things that headphones bring. I can state that my ears never got sore but I did find myself having to take a break now and then but no headset is perfect in that regard – so the overall view is that it works better than expected.
Listening to Music

The other aspect of headphones is they should be able to listen to music while having a nice bit of bass, loud enough while at the same time people in the next room should not be able to hear your music bleeding through. I would state these are not up there with Dr. Dre Beats but they do sound good enough to listen to music – given the cheap price. These will be no good for anything other than a computer or a games console though due to having a fitted USB plug on the end.

The price

If I had shopped on-line, I could have bought these for £20 with free delivery direct from HP and yet more searching could have been even cheaper. The strange thing is if you search for HP Premium Digital Headset you will find a few different variations, maybe HP like to keep changing the models, so always search for XA490AA.

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