Training Update Feb 2012

The last update on training was the Christmas rest period (the gym was closed) and this was a perfect time to change my routine, a change is a good as a rest they say. There is a lot of information online with each one claiming that this is the routine of choice, instead of this, I just did my own thing.  To remind everybody, I started training in March 2011, so we are approaching the one-year marker.

 The routine

I am still doing a 4 day split, this been Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri with the others days been rest days of course. Monday consists of Chest and Back, doing two major muscles groups in one day is looked upon badly in some circles but I make sure that I either do a heavy Chest workout or alternatively a heavy back workout. The reason for this is time; I do not want to spend too long working out, so this way it works.

Tuesday is still my legs workout day, I do quads, hamstring and finally calves, if I have time I also like to chuck in some ABS as well just for good measure. Wednesday been the rest day (and much needed), I still take the required protein mix as my body still needs it for repairing the muscles.

Thursday is a mixture of Shoulder, Traps, Lats (Yes I know these are a back muscle but I cannot fit it in on Mondays) and once again ABS. Friday is the almighty Arm workout day. I start with Biceps and with this I also do the rowing machine (50x 3) to get the arms fully pumped up and the move onto Triceps. As arms do not take as long as the major groups, this is a good excuse to hit the ABS one last time.


I have tried a good handful of protein powders, weight gain, creatine, post-workout, pre-workout and even all-in-one’s. While creatine for example worked for me at the start, I read about how it was not regulated and people suffering from liver failure and on top of this only really proving an extra 5% at best increase.

I found the cheapest brand worked just as well if not better than the brand that was twice the price. The Pre & Post workout stuff did not work for me at all, in any shape or form and the only thing it did was wake me up a little more when I was tired (much like redbull). I recently bought some Weightgain by mistake while looking around online, the reviews were great and I bought it. I will probably just take it like normal drink and not the three scoops three times a day as directed.

Is it working?

I took some measurements when I first started; remember that I am not the tallest or fattest person on the planet:

 34” Chest

13” Arms

28” Waist

14.5” Neck

Most of the clothes that I bought were the Small size.

One year later (almost)

 40” Chest (and growing)

15” Arms

34” Waist

16” Neck

Now wearing Medium BUT these are becoming too tight, shame as I just bought a load at xmas as well. Next post I promise some pictures :)


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