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T-Mobile loose half a million customers in the USA

I read on the various blogs out there that T-Mobile have lost 471,000 people since the last quarter and too be honest if they operate anything like the UK side of the business, this is not a shocker at all to me. IN the UK we have a choice of T-Mobile, Orange (these two are now one of the same company), Vodafone and finally 3 plus we have places such as Carphone warehouse who deal with all the suppliers and just sell you a phone. Personally I hated Orange as a company as they had (at he time) limited coverage, more expensive phones / deals and generally bad staff. I use Vodafone at work and again, they operate like any faceless company. This left me with 3 and T-Mobile – the problem though? Smartphones have added an extra burden they cannot seem to cope with, once they sell you a deal, they are happy to forget about you. It’s about time the phone companies tried to find out what the customer want or you will end off as expected – running out of customers.



Choosing the right media device

(Betamax for the win)

Technology moves on and people try and find easier and better ways to manage and watch media, be it video, pictures or even music on there TV. It was not that long ago that it was quite simple, you bought a DVD Player that suited your price range and features, plugged it into your TV and you can now go out and buy movies on DVD. Storing 100′s of Movies presented an issue and there had to be a better way – and now there is, media streaming devices come in many shapes and sizes as well as cost and functions – this post serves as a grounding on what to look for.



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