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I was after a small MP3 player that was cheap, durable and small enough to take along to the gym and as the session only lasts 1-2 hours max, battery life and capacity was not that important. In the tech section of my local Tesco store, they had the Pink & Silver Technika 4GB mp3 player reduced from £14 to £10. I had sort of looked at these before and the reviews said it was low and lacked any way of seeing what track you were on. For a mere £10, I bought it anyway as the next model I was looking at was £24 with a screen on at Argos. It ticked a few boxes of course – it was small enough to slip in my jogger bottoms without causing issues when I am training. It was cheap so if for example I smashed into it with a 50KG dumbell, I would not be too upset when it would stop working and finally at 4GB, it could store enough songs for a varied selection of songs.


Time to Change Gyms

Orig CityGym02

I have been going to the original gym for two years solid. I started originaly by paying £35 a month, did this for two months and then joined by signing a direct debt for a one year contract, paying £25 a month via my bank. There was nothing wrong with the gym as such and it was close at the time plus on my way home from work. A couple of times in that two years I got parking fines, one at Wicks (across the road from the gym) which costs me £85 and another one on a Sunday when I failed to check the sign saying that Sunday was not free (even though I was the only one in the car park). I have since moved house and it made no sense for me to continue this gym as it meant taking stuff into work to get changed plus the times were restrictive on a Sunday. I finally did what I was saying for ages – join a gym around the corner.    


Training Update March 2013

2013 03 17 17 32 44

It has been roughly 3 months since the last update and some may be wondering how the fitness is going. In this post will be discussing Weight lifting, Karate, general fitness, goals and also why I do what I do and what drives me forward. The short version is I am still going to the gym 4 days a week training various parts and generally getting stronger and bigger plus I am going to Karate 2 days a week (though sometimes more) and moving up the ranks while fine tuning my skills on the way.  


Marriott Hotel Leeds Review

Marriott hotel leeds

I had to attend a course based in Leeds and of the hotel choices on offer, the Marriott in Leeds seemed to fit the bill as the choice of hotel. I was not paying for the weeks lodgings and needed certain things to make my stay comfortable. The website painted a rather good picture in that it had a fully featured gym, swimming pool, sauna & whirlpool. The price that was paid was £84 per day and this was to include breakfast, I was booked into a standard double room, arriving Monday and leaving Friday morning.


Fitness Update – Dec 2012


As we approach the end of the year in terms of training due to xmas rolling in and everything closing down, what better to reflect on the year gone by in terms of training and fitness. A very quick reminder, I started going to the gym for weigh training in March 2011 and started Karate in March 2012. I found I could not really fit any more fitness type training into my schedule due to work and family and had considered boxing and running as something else to do as well as my current stuff. What days do I train? Mon, Wed, Fri & Sun was the gym days along with Tue & Thu for Karate days. Sunday was the main issue for training as this was both the legs day and the fact I had a short window when the gym actually opens. 


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