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Police Raid PS3 hackers House

In the on-going war between the PS3 hackers and Sony – Hacker Graf_chokolo was raided by the police with items removed. Graf has contributed a number of things to the PS3 hacking community that has helped keep it active in its battle against Sony’s frequent firmware updates. The police confiscated all of Graf’s equipment and accounts that were related to PS3 hacking. Unfortunately for Sony, the company probably never anticipated that Graf would strike back. Earlier Graf had promised that if he was pushed by Sony, he would retaliate by releasing all of his PS3 hypervisor knowledge to the world.

Keeping his promise, Graf_chokolo immediately released all of his databases to the world in what has now become known as the Hypervisor Bible, a plethora of information that will help developers around the world reverse engineer the PS3 and hack it some more.

“Guys, i don’t joke, it’s serious.” Graf stated. “And to prove it, i kept my word and uploaded all my HV reversing stuff. Upload it everywhere so SONY couldn’t remove it easily. Grab it guys, it contains lots of knowledge about HV and HV procs.”

Are Sony just wasting there time here and are they driving people away from buying the PS3 – I think so.


Mozy drop Unlimited–the world gasps in horror


In the world of online Backup there is many companies who offer the ability to backup all your data to the cloud and you can sleep at night safe in the knowledge that even in the event of loosing all your local storage (fire, theft or whatever), you can always get your files back. Mozy used to cost a simple $4.95 a month and with this you could back up as much data as you seen fit. Other Providers for example let you choose a directory but in fact stripped out Video files, ISO files and so forth – so there complete backup was not so complete after all. Mozy have now dropped the unlimited data plan and we have $5.95 a month for 50GIG Data or $9.99 for 125GIG. People are up in arms – how dare they restrict what we backup and why did they offer unlimited in the first place?



Icy Box Dual Disk RAID Gigabit NAS IB-NAS3221-B

I have been looking into NAS and this one device I have seen which interests me. The website is HERE and we shall go through what it is, what it does and why you might want one (or something similar). First of all let us explain that NAS is Network attached Storage and this allows a box dedicated to sharing space across the network so that any computer can get at the information stored. Some boxes just share the drives but some come with a whole range of extras such as Web Server, Torrent client and iTunes Server.



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